Visonic Alarms Service and Maintenance

Have you Booked in your Visonic Alarm for it’s Annual Service?

Maintaining your Visonic Alarm System is important as it ensures safe, continuous, and reliable service from your home security system. Once installed, your Visonic Alarm needs to be serviced on an annual basis by an experienced alarm service engineer.

Having a professional alarm engineer inspect and service your alarm on a regular basis is a good idea as it means that any potential faults can be avoided and your system will remain operational and perform well at all times.

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Servicing your Visonic Alarm

CTB Alarms are Visonic Diamond Installers which means we are experts when it comes to installing, servicing, and repairing Visonic Alarms. We carry out annual alarm services for all models of Visonic Alarms including those in the Visonic PowerMax and Visonic PowerMaster series.

Even if we were not the original installers of your Visonic alarm we can still help with service, maintenance, and repairs and we regularly help with alarm take-overs for Visonic Alarm systems and other alarm manufacturers too.

There may be some symptoms that will help you identify when your alarm needs a service. Visonic Burglar Alarms are made up of many complex components and in order for them to run smoothly, they need to be serviced regularly. If you start to experience occasional issues with your alarm then this could be an indication that it’s time to get it serviced.

The symptoms you may experience when your alarm needs maintenance and service include a low battery warning, difficulty disarming your alarm, false alarms, a fault displayed in the Visonic control panel, difficulty or intermittent problems carrying out routine functions for your alarm. These are just some examples of the types of issues you may experience if your alarm needs service and maintenance, but there may be other symptoms too.

Whilst completing the alarm service our engineers will also be able to identify and resolve any faults. Please see more information about our Visonic Alarm Repairs here.

What will happen at my Visonic Alarm Annual Service?

We will arrange an appointment with you for one of our alarm engineers to come out and service your Visonic Alarm System. At your alarm service appointment, our engineer will ask you about any problems you may have experienced with your alarm. The alarm system will be checked thoroughly to ensure it is operating safely and meets safety standards.

A visual inspection of all of the alarm components will be completed to check for deterioration or damage. All individual components of the security system including the control panel and detectors will be checked and tested and any faults identified.

Some components of an alarm system come with a certain lifespan, for example, a back-up battery, and some will, unfortunately, deteriorate over time and require attention. Examples include replacing a fuse, a circuit may fail, a battery could become corroded, a bulb may need to be replaced, or some wiring may become loose in the alarm control panel. Having your Visonic alarm serviced on a regular basis means that all of these potential faults can be rectified before they become a problem and often it is more cost-effective to be proactive rather than wait until an expensive repair is required, or worst still your system fails, and you get burgled.

It could be that your Visonic alarm needs just a few adjustments or it could be that a repair is required, in which case our engineer will tell you what’s required and will give you an idea of any additional repair costs involved.

Having your alarm serviced regularly is important for other reasons too. Getting a health check for your alarm system is a way you can reduce the chance of it developing faults or failing but it is also an important part of maintaining your Visonic product warranty. The Visonic Alarms Product Warranty is valid for 5 years on the condition that the alarm is serviced annually by a professional alarm service technician. Also, if your home insurance is conditional on having a fully functioning security alarm you may also find that your insurance provider has requirements around alarm servicing too.

If you would like to make an appointment to have your Visonic Alarm serviced please contact CTB Alarms.

Visonic Alarm Servicing & Maintenance Midlands

If you have an existing Visonic Alarm system in need of servicing and maintenance, CTB Alarms Ltd are local Visonic alarm engineers covering the whole of Birmingham and West Midlands, including Alvechurch, Astwood Bank, Barnt Green, Birmingham, Bromsgrove, Bournville, Cofton Hackett, Edgbaston, Lickey End, Lickey Hills, Longbridge, Northfield, Redditch, Rednal, Rowney Green, Rubery, Selly Oak, Selly Park, Solihull, and West Heath.