How much does a Visonic Alarm cost?

The Visonic Alarm range includes security alarms at different prices. The Visonic Alarm you need will be determined by the type and size of the property you wish to protect and the functionality you require. CTB alarms will help you to assess and decide which of the Visonic intruder alarm systems is best for you. This is done by asking general questions about how you use your property, who uses your property, and also by completing an onsite survey. Using their experience our alarm specialist will make recommendations, offer advice and show you Visonic alarm solutions that meet your needs. If there is more than one option they will talk you through the benefits of each and help you to arrive at the right decision for you. There will be no pressure, only clear and professional advice. Once installed and paid for you will own the alarm system. There are no monthly payments, alarm contracts, or hidden charges.

Do I need to have a Visonic Alarm professionally installed?

In order to provide the best protection for your home, we recommend that you get your Visonic Alarm system professionally installed. As well as ensuring the alarm is correctly installed and working as it should be, by using a professional alarm installer you are also ensuring a safe installation. Our alarm engineers are qualified, fully trained alarm installers with vast experience in installing and repairing alarms and security hardware of all types, and in particular, they have specialised knowledge of Visonic Alarms products. We are Trading Standards Approved and we are also members of The Guild of Master Craftsmen. Each and every one of our engineers have completed Visonic Manufacturer training, and we carry the relevant certificates. CTB Alarms are authorised installers for Visonic and we have achieved Diamond Installer status, which is their highest level. We are also members of a number of other professional organisations that equip us to be the very best at what we do. Click here to read more about CTB alarms

What types of properties are Visonic Alarms suitable for?

Visonic Alarms are suitable for all types of properties including residential properties, commercial or industrial properties. An experienced alarm installer will help you ascertain exactly what type of security you need and identify the most appropriate security solutions from the Visonic Alarms range. The size of a property is a factor as some systems have a maximum number of zones they can control. Also, the number of windows and doors you need to protect from possible intrusion can be a factor. The criteria and capability vary from one alarm manufacturer and model to the next. There is also the decision around a hard-wired home security system or a wireless alarm system. A hardwired alarm system may be tricky to install in a property that is already built and will involve drilling lots of holes. A wireless security alarm system will need to have enough transmission range to cover the whole of the property and the zones furthest from the control panel. CTB Alarms have over 4 decades of experience in identifying the right intruder alarm for the property and providing the protection and functionality required. We will guide you through the steps required to choose the right home alarm system for you and your property including an onsite survey.