Will I own the Visonic Alarm System?

Once the installation of your Visonic Intruder Alarm is complete and the installation charge has been settled you will be the proud owner of your new Visonic Alarm System. CTB Alarms do not rent out alarm systems, we do not lock customers into lengthy contracts, or make monthly charges. You will own your Visonic Home Alarm outright.

Do you carry spare parts for Visonic Alarms?

All of our alarm engineers are highly skilled and experienced Visonic Diamond Installers who can not only install new Visonic Alarms but can also troubleshoot faults for Visonic Alarms and Alarm systems from all manufacturers. Once the fault is diagnosed our alarm engineers will, in most cases be able to make a repair. CTB Alarm Repair Engineers carry many of the most common Visonic Alarm components and spare parts on their vans which means they can often make a repair in the same visit. If a part is required which is not on the van they will order it and return to repair your alarm as soon as it arrives.

Do you offer emergency call out for Visonic Alarm repairs?

If you are experiencing problems with your Visonic Burglar alarm, CTB operates a 24-hour emergency call-out service. This service is for customers who require urgent help with their alarm systems outside of normal working hours. Contact CTB Alarms for help with an alarm repair.

My Visonic Alarm was fitted by another company. Can you still repair it?

CTB Alarms can repair broken Visonic Alarms Systems regardless of who installed them, so even if you had your Visonic Alarm fitted by another alarm installer we can still help to fix it. Read more about our Burglar Alarm Repairs on our Visonic Alarm Repairs page.

What is the difference between a Visonic Alarms Diamond and Platinum Installer?

A Visonic Diamond Installer is superior to a Visonic Platinum Installer and will have more experience and knowledge of the product range. A Visonic Diamond Installer will have fitted more Visonic Intruder Alarms and other Visonic home security products than a Visonic Platinum Installer. There are currently only 4 Visonic Diamond Installers in the UK and CTB Alarms is proud to be one of them.

What is a Visonic Alarm Diamond Installer?

CTB Alarms are Visonic Alarms Diamond Installers, one of only 4 in the country. As Diamond Installers for Visonic Security Alarms we are working with the range of Visonic Burglar Alarms and security products on a daily basis and this has been the case for some years. The skills, knowledge, and experience our alarm engineers have are incredible and mean that they are able to help with alarm installations, alarm repairs, alarm upgrades, and even some of the most challenging alarm faults. Our Visonic Diamond Installers are fully qualified and have completed Visonic Alarms Manufacturer Training to complete and enhance their knowledge of the Visonic Alarm series.

Are Visonic Alarm systems wireless?

The Visonic Alarm System range includes both hard-wired alarm systems and wireless alarm systems. The majority of the new Visonic installations we complete are for wireless systems, however we are still able to help with all types of alarms systems to protect all types of properties and settings, such as residential, commercial, and industrial sites, and to meet even the most challenging of security requirements. For wireless alarms systems, the Visonic PowerMaster series of wireless burglar alarms offers secure, wireless technology with outstanding range and reliability and they are incredibly user-friendly. Take a look at the Visonic Alarms Home Security Systems Range on our Visonic Product page.

Are Visonic Alarms Pet Friendly?

A Visonic Alarm can be fitted with a Pet-tolerant Digital PIR Detector. This means that you can still protect your home even if you have a cat or dog and your four-legged friend can move about freely in the house without setting alarm bells ringing! Pet tolerant detectors are suitable for pets up to 38kg. Visonic has developed and patented Target Specific Imaging optical system (TSI) and a unique pet identification software algorithm which means it can distinguish between pets weighing up to 38kg and a human body. Visonic’s technology offers the industry’s best detection accuracy. A Visonic home security alarm system is suitable for pet owners and offers reliability and false alarm immunity.

How often does a Visonic Alarm need to be serviced?

Once professionally installed your Visonic Alarm should be serviced by an alarm service engineer on an annual basis. CTB Alarms have a team of qualified alarm service engineers who will visit your property to service your alarm and make sure any minor faults are rectified. Having your alarm serviced on an annual basis may be a requirement of your insurance company if it is a condition of your home insurance policy and/or if you are receiving a home insurance premium discount on the basis that you have a professionally installed, maintained, and serviced alarm system in use. Read more about the security alarm system aftercare on offer from CTB Alarms

Can you repair a Visonic Alarm?

In almost all cases CTB alarms can repair a broken or faulty Visonic Alarm System. Our Visonic Alarm Repair Engineers are highly trained in fault finding and diagnostics for all Visonic products. We carry Visonic spare parts for most common faults and often a repair can be completed in the same visit. Our alarm repair skills are not just limited to Visonic Alarms, we can diagnose faults for any type of alarm from a wide variety of alarm manufacturers. Your alarm does not need to have been originally installed by CTB Alarms for us to service or repair it. We can help with an alarm fault even if it has been installed by another company or by you.