Is there an App for the Orisec Alarm?

Orisec Alarms have a free of charge Orisec App called Control Plus. Control Plus is available for iOS and Android and gives users both notifications and complete control of their intruder alarm system at all times, wherever they are in the world. There is no charge for the Orisec Control Plus App. It is free to download, requires minimal set up, and it is easy to use.

Are there any monthly costs for my Orisec Alarm?

We do not charge a monthly fee for your Orisec Alarm. Once installed the alarm system is owned by you. There is no contract, hidden charges or further payments. The only costs you may incurr in the future are annual servicing costs, repairs costs (if required), and the cost of any upgrades or enhancements to your systems if you choose to make them.

How often does my Orisec Alarm need to be serviced?

Your Orisec Alarm system should be serviced annually by an alarm service engineer. CTB Alarms have a team of experienced alarm engineers who install, repair and service alarm systems. Whilst conducting your annual alarm service we will investigate and resolve any minor faults. In the period between a physical, in-person alarm service, we will also carry out an interim service remotely via the Orisec App. With your permission, the Orisec App allows our engineers to access certain settings for your alarm system via the App and carry out programming, updates and diagnostics. This interim service means we can check your alarm is working smoothly, providing you with protection until your next annual alarm service appointment. This service means your alarm is seen twice a year by a professional engineer, with the minimum of inconvenience to you.

Can you repair my Orisec Alarm?

CTB Alarms can repair your Orisec Alarm system even if we were not the original installer. In some cases we may be able to check and diagnose the fault remotely using the Orisec App. Where required we will send out an alarm engineer to check over your system and do some fault finding and make any necessary repairs to get your alarm system back up and running. CTB Alarms repair all types of alarm systems from all manufacturers.

Are Orisec Alarms Pet Friendly?

Orisec Alarms have the option for Pet-tolerant Digital PIR Detectors which means your cat or dog can still move about the house freely without setting the alarm off. Please make your Orisec alarm installer aware if you require your alarm system to be pet friendly.