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CTB now install Smart Burglar Alarm Systems, which are wireless and use wifi to provide homeowners with control of their home security via a smart alarm app which can be accessed from a mobile phone, tablet or computer. This means that even when they are away from home they can control the alarm system, monitor, arm, disarm or reset the alarm. It is also possible to connect smart alarms to other smart security devices such as smart security cameras.
Smart Home Alarm Systems from CTB
A smart burglar alarm system can be installed at almost any property. CTB alarm will conduct an onsite security survey and discuss your options for a smart burglar alarm, answering any questions you may have. We will provide you with an accurate and competitive quotation for the supply of a reputable smart alarm system, which will be professionally installed by one of our highly skilled, experienced alarm engineers.

Once installed, we’ll help you to install the smart alarm app to your device/s and make sure you are completely comfortable with the key functions and the options for customising your smart alarm settings.

CTB Alarms specialise in Smart Alarm Systems so whether you are looking to install a new smart alarm, upgrade an existing smart house alarm, or if your smart alarm is broken and needs a repair please get in touch, we’d be happy to help.

As well as installations and repairs we also maintain and service smart alarm systems to ensure they remain in full working order protecting your property.

Smart Alarms – Frequently Asked Questions

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A smart alarm system is a wireless alarm system that works using Wi-Fi. Smart Alarm Systems are usually operated via an app, which is accessed by a device, commonly a mobile phone. Using the app you can monitor your home, and arm or disarm your alarm from anywhere, even if you are away from home. If triggered, your smart alarm will send alerts and notifications to your chosen device. Smart alarms integrate well with other smart home devices providing additional security, for example, CCTV.

Smart alarm security systems deter thieves, which is a very good reason to get a smart home alarm installed as soon as possible. Once installed, if your property is broken into, you are instantly aware and able to act!

You can monitor your alarm from your phone, or another device anywhere in the world. If your alarm is triggered you will receive an instant notification via the app to your mobile phone telling you where the alarm has been triggered. If your smart alarm is connected to security cameras you can even view what's happening and decide what action to take. If there is an intruder you can call the police, if a pet has triggered the alarm you can simply disarm or reset the alarm. If you have pets, please note that pet-friendly smart alarms are available.

Smart burglar alarms are wireless and simple to install. In many cases, there are no monthly subscriptions or running costs, other than annual servicing.

A smart burglar alarm gives you control at your fingertips, wherever you are, and the convenience of the many customisable functions and options available on the smart alarm app.

It is easy to adapt a smart alarm by adding additional smart alarm sensors or relocating existing sensors if required.

A smart house alarm is often easier to install because it is wireless. The installation is less intrusive because there is no need to run wires. Alarm sensors are battery-powered and connect using wifi. Many traditional alarms are wired and can be more difficult to install.

A Smart burglar alarm system can integrate well with other smart devices such as security cameras or smart locks, whereas a traditional alarm tends to work standalone with little or no opportunity to interact with other devices.

A smart burglar alarm makes it possible for you to monitor your property remotely by using the smart alarm app, which can be accessed via the device of your choice. In most cases, this is a mobile phone. As well as monitoring, the smart alarm app allows you to arm and disarm the alarm even when you are away from the property. You can also receive alerts and notifications on your phone whenever there is any activity.

If you have a traditional alarm, particularly one that is not professionally monitored, then you may not even be aware that your alarm has been triggered. Most functions and commands need to be actioned from within the home by using the alarm keypad.

The additional functionality provided by smart alarm systems, and the convenience and accessibility of monitoring and controlling your alarm remotely via the app often means homeowners feel comfortable monitoring their own alarm systems without the need to pay for costly external monitoring of the alarm.

Yes, in order for your smart alarm to communicate, send, and receive messages via the internet you must have Wi-Fi.

If you monitor your smart alarm yourself via the smart alarm app, through the use of alerts and notifications, and if applicable in conjunction with other smart technology, then there are no monthly running costs for your alarm or for alarm monitoring. There are also no monthly subscriptions for use of the smart alarm app. We do however recommend that you pay to have your smart burglar alarm system serviced annually.

Your smart alarm can connect with a number of devices including a mobile phones, tablets, and computers.