Pet Friendly Alarms – Everything you need to know!

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Many pet owners have put off getting a home alarm system because they’re worried that their playful pets will keep setting the alarm off. The good news is all of the home security alarms we install have the ability to be pet friendly. I hope you are sitting comfortably, here’s our list of frequently asked questions about pet friendly alarms.
Pet Friendly Alarms - Everything You Need to Know!

What is a pet-friendly alarm?

A pet friendly alarm is an alarm system which has motion sensors which are ‘pet friendly’. These PIRs, which stands for passive infrared motion sensors are designed to ignore any movement of body heat up to a certain weight/mass. Generally, this is up to 35kg-40kg, however, this varies between different models of pet-friendly alarm sensors.

Are all alarms pet friendly?

Not all security alarms are pet friendly. The main control panel of a pet-friendly alarm system will be identical to an alarm system which is not pet friendly, only the alarm sensors will be different. Due to this it is often possible to upgrade an existing alarm to be pet friendly.

How do pet-friendly alarms work?

The motion sensors of your alarm system are the component that make your alarm system pet friendly. The pet immune PIR’s (passive infra-red motion sensors) detect changes of the movement of body heat. This combined with zoning, which means the detector is set to ignore the movement of small pets at floor level, means that provided your pet is within the weight/mass criteria specified by the manufacturers, and not excessively athletic, then your pet may roam freely in your home whilst the alarm is set, and they will not trigger the alarm.

I have a large dog. Will a pet-friendly alarm work?

If your dog is over 35kg, or if it is particularly active and jumps up on furniture, or to look out of the window, then unfortunately it is likely to trigger the alarm even if it is a pet-friendly alarm.

Can my existing alarm system be upgraded to a pet-friendly alarm?

Yes, it is possible to change the motion detectors to pet-friendly PIRs. Please ask us to provide a quote for upgrading your existing alarm to be a pet-friendly alarm system. We can help with alarm upgrades even if we were not the original alarm installer.

How do I find out if my alarm system is pet friendly?

If you do not have any documentation relating to the alarm sensors fitted, then please contact us for advice. We will be able to ascertain whether your alarm is pet friendly or not. If it’s not pet-friendly and you would like to upgrade your alarm we can provide you with a quote.

Can you recommend a pet immune alarm system?

Yes, all of the alarms installed by CTB Alarms have the ability to be pet friendly. Please make us aware that you require a pet-friendly alarm when you contact us, and when we complete an alarm installation survey and quote.

Why does my pet keep setting off my pet-friendly alarm?

A large dog exceeding 35kg will probably trigger a pet friendly alarm if they are roaming free in the house. Also a smaller, but athletic dog or cat, who jumps on the furniture, or onto worktops and windowsills may also set off a pet-friendly alarm. The PIR detector is designed to detect changes and movement of body heat within an environment and generally, the zoning for a pet immune PIR detector is set to ignore the movement of small pets at floor level.

Are pet-friendly alarms more expensive?

The main alarm control panel is the same as a standard alarm system, it is just the alarm sensors that need to be upgraded. A pet-friendly alarm system costs the same or will only be marginally more expensive than a non-pet-friendly intruder alarm. Please contact us for a quote for a pet-friendly alarm.

Why does my pet keep setting off the alarm even though it’s supposed to be pet friendly?

If your pet is very large, or particularly active then even a pet-friendly alarm may be triggered by their movement and presence. In the first instance we recommend that you contact CTB Alarms for advice and assistance. It may be that we can make some adjustments to your alarm system to prevent false alarms caused by your pet.

Can my pet friendly alarm be adjusted?

Yes, it is possible to make adjustments to a pet friendly alarm. Please contact CTB Alarms for advice.

Are pet friendly alarms wireless?

Both wired and wireless Pet-friendly alarms systems are available. At CTB Alarms for new installations we generally install wireless pet friendly alarms systems however we can also work with wired intruder alarm systems, particularly in terms of service, maintenance and repair, and also upgrading an existing wired alarm system to be pet friendly.

Can you fit pet friendly motion sensors retrospectively?

Yes, it is possible to retrofit pet immune sensors to an existing home security system. Please contact CTB Alarms for advice and a quotation.

How often will my pet friendly alarm need to be serviced?

A pet friendly alarm system is no different to an alarm system which is not pet friendly and we recommend that you get your home alarm system serviced annually.

My pet keeps setting off the pet friendly alarm. What other options do I have?

If you have an alarm with pet-friendly PIRs and they keep setting off the alarm than you may have to consider other options. In the first instance please contact us so that we can see if there are any adjustments we can make to the system and/or settings. If we cannot get the PIRs to work we can look at other types of sensors such as glass break detectors and door contact sensors. We will be happy to discuss all of your options and provide prices to make the necessary adjustments.