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CTB Alarms are Midlands based Orisec Alarm Specialists

If you are installing a new smart alarm system for the first time or if you have an existing alarm system that you are considering upgrading, choose Orisec. These Alarm Systems are reliable and they offer exceptional performance, functionality, and features.

Orisec Security Alarms are premium quality, professional alarms, made in Britain.   The Orisec range of security products offer lots of choice and allow you to customise your alarm system to meet your needs.

All components of the Orisec range of products are compatible with the Orisec App. The Orisec App is free, available for iOS and Android, easy to use, and allows remote control and monitoring of your alarm system anywhere, anytime. Whatsmore it also allows professional and authorised installers to provide you with support such as remote servicing, diagnostics, updates, and remote programming.

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CTB Orisec Alarms made in Britain

Orisec Intruder Alarm Systems

With Orisec you can choose from over 20 wireless devices, creating your own bespoke security system based on your needs and with the option to upgrade and enhance your systems at anytime, for example, to accommodate home improvements. CTB Alarms are experienced installers of Orisec Alarm Systems and we will help you navigate your way through all of the possibilities open to you from Orisec Alarms. We do this by talking to you and identifying your needs and priorities before showing you potential solutions available from Orisec.

Orisec Alarm Repairs

If you are experiencing problems with your Orisec burglar alarm, or it has stopped working, CTB Alarms offer an expert and professional alarm repair service for all brands and models of security alarms. Operating in Birmingham and the West Midlands, CTB Alarms are alarm repair specialists and our alarm repair engineers are able to inspect and diagnose alarm faults in all models of Orisec alarm systems and those from all other manufacturers. Once the fault has been identified, we will repair or replace faulty components to get your intruder alarm system operational again. Our alarm repair team will discuss any faults they identify with you and give you a fixed price for an alarm repair before starting work. Our Alarm Repair Engineers are Orisec registered, with full manufacturer training, product knowledge, and experience which means they have the skills and knowledge to troubleshoot alarm problems, diagnose faults with your alarm, and because we carry spare parts and components for all models or Orisec alarms, in most cases we will be able to repair your Orisec alarm during the same visit.

Orisec Intruder Alarm Servicing

As Orisec Security Alarm service and maintenance engineers we are experts when it comes to servicing, repairing, and maintaining all models of Orisec Burglar Alarms. We are able to carry out an annual alarm service for your Orisec alarm system, and we can help service or repair your Orisec intruder alarm even if we are not the original installer.

Having your Orisec burglar alarm serviced annually means that your alarm system remains operational and protects your property from burglars. At your annual alarm service, an experienced Orisec alarm engineer will inspect and service your alarm, which will mean any potential issues can be fixed before they cause a problem. If any alarms faults are identified whilst your alarm service is being conducted, then our Orisec repair specialist will identify, discuss and resolve the fault for you, and in almost all cases this will be at the same visit.

There are other reasons you should ensure your alarm remains in full working order, well maintained, and serviced on an annual basis, and these include maintaining your product warranty and also there may be conditions stipulated within your home insurance policies. Having your Orisec alarm serviced annually is part of maintaining your Orisec product warranty. If you do not have your alarm serviced in line with manufacturer guidelines your product warranty may be compromised. In addition to this, in many cases, your home insurance provider will have certain requirements around the service and maintenance of your home security alarm too. Often a discount will be applied to your policy providing certain conditions are met. If the insurance company is not satisfied that you have met the criteria they may refuse to pay out a claim, withdraw the discount, or cancel your policy.

Having your alarm system serviced is like having an annual health check for your alarm. Our Orisec alarm technicians are manufacturer trained and approved alarm engineers and have experience with all models of Orisec alarms. At your annual alarm service, your engineer will ask you about any issues you may be experiencing with your intruder alarm system. A full visual inspection of the alarm and all of the alarm system components will be carried out to check for damage or deterioration. Following a full check and test of your Orisec alarm system, any alarm faults will be investigated and discussed with you.

To make an appointment to have your Orisec Intruder alarm serviced please contact CTB Alarms.

Orisec Alarm Upgrades

Have an existing Orisec alarm system and need additional sensors or would like to expand your intruder alarm to include more areas of your property? – No problem CTB alarms are partnered with Orisec to deliver alarm upgrades, repairs, servicing, and maintenance across the whole of the Birmingham and West Midlands area.

Orisec Alarms FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Orisec Alarms and our alarm installation and maintenance service.

Orisec Alarms FAQs

Orisec Alarms have the option for Pet-tolerant Digital PIR Detectors which means your cat or dog can still move about the house freely without setting the alarm off. Please make your Orisec alarm installer aware if you require your alarm system to be pet friendly.

We do not charge a monthly fee for your Orisec Alarm. Once installed the alarm system is owned by you. There is no contract, hidden charges or further payments. The only costs you may incurr in the future are annual servicing costs, repairs costs (if required), and the cost of any upgrades or enhancements to your systems if you choose to make them.

CTB Alarms can repair your Orisec Alarm system even if we were not the original installer. In some cases we may be able to check and diagnose the fault remotely using the Orisec App. Where required we will send out an alarm engineer to check over your system and do some fault finding and make any necessary repairs to get your alarm system back up and running. CTB Alarms repair all types of alarm systems from all manufacturers.

Your Orisec Alarm system should be serviced annually by an alarm service engineer. CTB Alarms have a team of experienced alarm engineers who install, repair, and service alarm systems. Whilst conducting your annual alarm service we will investigate and resolve any minor faults. In the period between a physical, in-person alarm service, we will also carry out an interim service remotely via the Orisec App. With your permission, the Orisec App allows our engineers to access certain settings for your alarm system via the App and carry out programming, updates, and diagnostics. This interim service means we can check your alarm is working smoothly, providing you with protection until your next annual alarm service appointment. This service means your alarm is seen twice a year by a professional engineer, with the minimum inconvenience to you.

Orisec Alarms have a free of charge Orisec App called Control Plus. Control Plus is available for iOS and Android and gives users both notifications and complete control of their intruder alarm system at all times, wherever they are in the world. There is no charge for the Orisec Control Plus App. It is free to download, requires minimal set up, and it is easy to use.