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CTB Alarms are registered HKC service and maintenance engineers which means we are experts when it comes to servicing, repairing, and maintaining HKC Alarms. We carry out annual alarm services for all models of HKC Alarms including HKC Quantum and the HKC SecureWave 10270 and we can help service or repair your HKC intruder alarm even if we are not the original installer.

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Servicing your HKC Alarm

Having your HKC burglar alarm serviced each year is important because it means that your alarm system remains operational and protects your property from break-ins. Having an experience HKC alarm engineer inspect and service your alarm will mean any potential issues can be resolved before they cause problems. Whilst carrying out your annual alarm service our engineers will identify and resolve any alarm faults and in almost all cases this will be at the same visit.

When your alarm needs maintenance or service you may begin to experience some symptoms such as a low battery warning, difficulty disarming your alarm, false alarms, a fault displayed in the HKC control panel, difficulty or intermittent problems carrying out routine functions for your alarm. If you start to experience occasional issues with your alarm then this could be an indication that it’s time to get it serviced. There may be other symptoms too, but these are just some examples of the types of issues you may experience when your alarm needs service and maintenance.

Having your alarm serviced regularly is important because as well as ensuring great performance from your alarm system in some cases it is part of maintaining your HKC product warranty. You may also find that your home insurance provider has certain requirements around the maintenance and servicing of your security alarm too.

Having your alarm services is essentially an annual health check for your alarm. Our alarm technicians are HKC registered and have experience with all models of HKC alarm systems. During your alarm service appointment, your engineer will ask you about any issues you may be experiencing with your alarm system. They will carry out a full visual inspection of the alarm and all of the alarm system components to check for damage or deterioration. The system will be fully checked and tested, and any alarm faults investigated and discussed with you.

If you would like to make an appointment to have your HKC burglar alarm serviced please contact CTB Alarms.

HKC Alarm System Repairs

If your HKC burglar alarm has stopped working or you are experiencing alarm problems, CTB Alarms offers an expert and professional alarm repair service in Birmingham and the West Midlands. Our HKC Alarm Service engineers are able to inspect and diagnose alarm faults in all models of HKC alarm systems and repair or replace any faulty components to get your alarm system fully operational. Where a fault exists, our alarm specialist will discuss the fault with you and give you a fixed repair price before starting work. Our Alarm Repair Engineers are HKC registered with full product knowledge, training and experience. Our Alarm Repairers carry spare parts and components for all models of HKC alarms and in most cases will be able to troubleshoot alarm problems, diagnose faults with your alarm, and repair your HKC alarm during the same visit.

Frequently Asked Questions about our HKC Alarm Repair and Maintenance Services

HKC Alarms FAQs

With a HKC alarm you have the option for pet-friendly alarm detectors, which means you can arm your alarm when you’re out and leave your pets to roam about your home without triggering the alarm. Pet tolerant alarm detectors are also useful if you want to arm certain zones downstairs in your home at night time whilst you are sleeping but still allow your pets the freedom to roam. HKC PIR Detectors have pet immune features and are pet immunity selectable. A pet-friendly alarm sensor can differentiate between a pet and a human body based on weight.

Yes, CTB Alarm Engineers are experienced at diagnosing faults for all types of alarm systems including HKC alarms even if we were not the original installers. If you are experiencing problems with your HKC alarm please get in touch and we will try and help. If we cannot help you by phone we will arrange for a repair engineer to visit you to carry out some fault finding and diagnose the problem. Our alarm repair engineers carry HKC parts and in many cases they’ll be able to find the fault and carry out a repair during the same visit.

The cost of your HKC alarm will depend on which model is used and the HKC alarm range includes intruder alarms at different prices depending on the specification and functionality. Before installing your alarm CTB will send out an experienced alarm installer to complete an onsite survery. The alarm insatallation survey will involve the installing assessing the property and asking you questions about your needs, who uses the property and how it is used. Recommendations will be made for the most suitable alarm system and where more than one option exists our alarms specialist will talk you through each system, the benefits and features of each and the costs involved. All of our alarm installations involve a one-off cost at the point of installation and thereafter there are no monthly contracts, running costs or hidden charges. The only cost you will incur thereafter is the cost of an annual service and repair costs if required, however the alarm will be covered by warranty initially.

We recommend you get your HKC alarm serviced by an experienced alarm engineer annually. CTB has a team of qualified and experienced alarm engineers who will visit your home and service your HKC alarm, and troubleshoot any problems to ensure your alarm is in full working order to protect your home.

HKC have a range of alarms suitable for almost all types of properties including residential homes, and business or industrial properties. When considering what type of alarm to install we recommend you contact usContact Us so we can send out an experienced alarm installer to take a look at the property and to discuss your specific needs. The size of the property and the number of windows and doors to be protected are a factor and will influence the choice of alarm system. Also the type of functionality required will be considered. CTB alarm installers are experienced at carrying out onsite surveys and taking to property owners about their needs and concerns.

HKC Alarm Servicing

HKC Alarm Servicing

We are HKC Alarm specialists and can help keep your intruder alarm serviced and maintained. We can service all types of HKC alarm systems.

HKC Alarm Repairs

HKC Alarm Repairs

For any HKC burglar alarm problems, faults, or repairs – please get in touch, we can repair your HKC burglar alarm even if we did not install it.