Benefits of a Smart App for your home security alarm

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The CTB Alarms App is an easy-to-use App that allows you to control and monitor your home security system anywhere in the world. The App comes free as part of our new alarm installations, it’s easy to download to your smartphone or tablet, and is available for iOS and Android.
Benefits of a Smart App for your home security alarm
The main benefit of using our alarm system App is it gives you control of your home security remotely. The App is like having a mobile version of your alarm keypad on your phone. It’s a virtual alarm keypad right there on your mobile phone, wherever you are in the world! You can perform all of the same functions, receive alerts and notifications, access activity logs, and monitor at all times. The alarm App gives you peace of mind and control whenever you are away from home.

Using the App you can arm or disarm your home security system, check the status of your alarm, and monitor your security system. You can view events, and receive various mobile alerts and notifications depending on your settings. It is also possible to configure the App to manage multiple sites.

The App allows you to customise the information you see, the layout and colour of the site icons, it allows you to filter for specific events, and modify or simplify the options shown on the App. This means you can get it set up so it works for you and meets your specific needs, for example, it’s possible to set the App up to enable a Panic Attack button on the homepage. You can also control the alerts and notifications you receive.

The App is particularly useful if you’re unsure whether or not you’ve left home and forgotten to activate your alarm. You can simply check the status of your alarm system using the App, and arm the system if you’ve forgotten. It’s also great if you want to disarm the system just prior to entering the house, for example, when you have shopping to carry, or to disarm the system from upstairs before venturing into one of the downstairs zones which may have been armed at night.
Mobile Alarm System App
Whilst having an alarm system acts as a deterrent, protecting your property from burglary, if your property is broken into, and the alarm activated, then someone needs to act. Whilst the alarm may be audible at the property, if you’re not actually there, you cant hear it! Using the alarm App means that you will receive an instant alert if your alarm is activated. You can investigate and, if necessary, report the break-in to the police. If it’s a false alarm, you can disarm the alarm, reset it, and avoid disturbing your neighbours!

Once your alarm is installed, our alarm installer will assist you in downloading the App to your device and help with configuring the settings and display options. These can be changed at any time in the future as you become more familiar with your alarm and the App.

The App is intuitive and easy to use. Our installer will show you how to perform key functions and how to adjust settings before they leave. Thereafter we are only a phone call away and available to help. The App means we can provide enhanced support to you remotely.

The Alarm App gives you peace of mind, and control of your home security 24-7, wherever you are. Click here to find out more about our new alarm systems.